What is this?

Orthognathic surgery

The diagnosis on my jaws is that I have an over bite and an open bite. Because my lower jaw is underdeveloped, and my upper jaw is a little overdeveloped.
What does this mean?

If you look at these lovely pictures about above and try to imagine them as one in your mind, you can see that my upper teeth overlap my lower teeth, and only my molars touch when I'm biting all the way down.
This means it's really hard to bite through things like pasta, pizza, sandwiches, etc etc etc. I usually end up tearing through food with my mouth like a wild animal, or pushing my tongue up against my front teeth to try and somewhat cut the food. It's rough.
To fix this, I'm having double jaw surgery and a genioplasty done (the genioplasty is purely cosmetic though).

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